Tooth colored fillings- As everything else in dentistry, the filling of choice has changed over time. Use to be that the filling material of choice was an alloy composed of mainly half silver and half mercury known as amalgams or silver fillings. Silver/mercury fillings have stirred quite a bit of controversy. In fact in some countries in Europe, it has altogether been banned and in California for example, it is not allowed to be placed in pregnant woman. There is quite a bite of argument back and forth as to why is should or should not be used.

In the office of Dr Alfred Marquez we have decided that Amalgams are no longer our filling of choice. There are too many drawbacks in our opinion; from cracking teeth to mercury content. We don’t like the idea of taking chances with our patients’ health and have chosen not to use them.

Today our choice is Composite bonded restorations.  Our modern composite fillings contain no metal so you never have to worry about toxic or heavy metals leaching into your system. They are not only strong and versatile, they match your teeth. We can match them to your natural tooth shade so no one can see that you have had a filling at all!


Children play an important part in our practice. Some patients ask us what is so important about dental care in children. The answer is A LOT! Children are growing and developing which is critical to them as adults. Primary teeth are critical to developing faces of children; they are not just “baby teeth”.  They can tell us a lot of how a child is developing. Sometimes intervention is necessary that will help children develop into healthy adults. Here are some dental and non-dental  facts that relate to children today that we find astonishing:

  • 7 million children in the US have asthma

  • 40 years ago, 4.5 percent of children were overweight vs. 33% today

  • Food allergies in children have increased 18% since 1997

  • Tooth decay is on a rise in children

  • 45% of children need orthodontic care to fix a functional problem (like an over bite or crooked teeth) that can affect long term breathing and health issues. Let us help address your child’s dental needs. Call for an appointment today.


Care of your gums is imperative. Your mouth is a reflection of the health of your entire body – when something goes wrong in your mouth, it can affect your general health and well-being. In fact, some of the most serious health issues today are affected, and sometimes caused, by gum disease. It is NEVER normal for your gum tissue to bleed! Bleeding gums (Gingivitis), little or a lot, indicate inflammation of the gum tissue. Our hygienist can help you control this with evaluation and bacteria control. Left untreated, inflammation can turn into periodontal disease (Periodontitis).

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