Today we can repair damaged teeth with our strongest and most attractive dental restoration: the dental crown. Crowns protect and re-enforce the tooth that is damaged by decay, cracks or trauma. They are often an adjunct to root canal therapy to strengthen the tooth. Crowns are fabricated with Porcelain, Gold, Porcelain to metal or the newer Zirconium or E-Max materials. We are pleased to offer computer assisted milled crowns with our E4d CAD CAM Technology. We are excited to offer this new technology to our Patients!


A dental bridge is a way of replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges connect single crowns together and are used to replace the missing teeth. When a tooth is extracted or is missing due to disease or trauma, a bridge can be offered instead of using a dental implant. Dental bridges are an effective treatment option that can provide years of function.


Dental implants have become the standard recommendation for many restorative treatment plans. Individual or multiple implants can be utilized to replace missing teeth or to secure dental appliances such as dentures or removable partials. When placed and restored properly, dental implants can have success rates near 100%. In fact, the studies indicate a long-term success rate of 95-98%, fifteen years after initial placement and integration. As discussed in the literature, most restorative options in Dentistry only have an average life span of up to 10 years. These are by far our longest lasting dental restorations.


When hearing the word Root Canal, patients often flinch at the sound. Dr. Marquez is trained and experienced using the most up to date techniques and technology to assure your root canal will be as effective and comfortable as possible. In summary, Root Canals do NOT have to hurt! We may be able to save your natural tooth with endodontic therapy (root canal) if it becomes infected. A root canal may be indicated if you present with sharp or severe dental pain, sensitivity to heat or cold, spontaneous toothache, sensitivity to pressure and in more severe cases swelling and drainage.


Tooth colored fillings- As everything else in dentistry, the filling of choice has changed over time. Use to be that the filling material of choice was an alloy composed of mainly half silver and half mercury known as amalgams or silver fillings. Silver/mercury fillings have stirred quite a bit of controversy. In fact in some countries in Europe, it has altogether been banned and in California for example, it is not allowed to be placed in pregnant woman. There is quite a bite of argument back and forth as to why is should or should not be used.

In the office of Dr Alfred Marquez we have decided that Amalgams are no longer our filling of choice. There are too many drawbacks in our opinion; from cracking teeth to mercury content. We don’t like the idea of taking chances with our patients’ health and have chosen not to use them.

Today our choice is Composite bonded restorations.  Our modern composite fillings contain no metal so you never have to worry about toxic or heavy metals leaching into your system. They are not only strong and versatile, they match your teeth. We can match them to your natural tooth shade so no one can see that you have had a filling at all!


Missing teeth can be an unattractive feature of one’s smile. Large gaps and spacing could be unsightly and make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed about your mouth. Fortunately, a variety of options are available to you to address this problem. Dentures – both complete and partial are common with patients that would like to replace missing teeth but with removable appliances. When a patient loses their teeth, the jaw structures and support begin to change. Over time, even a younger patient with missing teeth could look significantly older. A well designed removable appliance can help reduce or mask these cosmetic dimensional changes. Oftentimes, implants or a few natural teeth can be used to enhance the fit of a denture. Together, we will find what works for you!