Everyone is at risk of developing decay at some point during their lifetime. That risk can be minimized!

The concept of preventive dentistry has been around for years. Recently, however dentistry has made great strides in the prevention of dental problems and complications that may develop over time. We can fix a lot of things but it certainly makes sense to PREVENT dental problems from recurring. We often see patients that develop new problems easily no matter what and other patients that do everything wrong but see little problems. WHY?! Well today we can objectively evaluate your susceptibility to dental disease and make recommendations that will help you prevent new or recurring problems. This may be accomplished by the use of applications of rinses or pastes that control the Biofilm (the bacterial makeup unique to your mouth) that is responsible for dental disease. Tooth surfaces can be made more resistant to dental decay and even be reversed in some instances.

At our office, will address your susceptibility by considering the various contributors to the decay process. Together we will understand your Risk.

In summary let’s tip the balance toward resistance to tooth decay. So We Ask: Our goal is to tip the scale toward Health! A simple swab test will tell us how active your bacteria film makeup is. You want Non- aggressive bacteria. In a lot of cases, we use rinses to clean up the neighborhood if you will. This can take several months to even a year in most cases. We identify other risk factors and begin to control and eliminate them


  • Maybe you just have soft teeth

  • Sugar is the cause of cavities

  • Just brushing and flossing will prevent cavities

  • You can’t catch a cavity from someone else

While some of these are partially based on fact, some just aren’t true. Research shows that cavities are cause a bacterial infection/imbalance known as caries. This imbalance occurs when the risk factors for the disease outweigh the protective factors of health. By understanding what causes an imbalance of the oral environment and making adjustments, the disease can be controlled and you incidence of cavities can either be reduced or eliminated!


I am a Sjogren’s sufferer and have severe dry mouth. This results in extreme dental problems, lots of decay and resulting pain and expense at the dentist to keep it under control. Since I use the CariFree rinse and it has made a significant difference by slowing or eliminating the dry mouth impact.


After getting 6 cavities during my pregnancy, I started on this program, and I haven’t had even one cavity in the years since. The citrus flavor is great– kind of like a creamsicle.


I have used this product since I tend to develop a lot of cavities under my crowns despite the fact that I brush and floss. I have been using this product once a day for over a year and so far I have not had any new cavities. I use it every morning along with the CTx3 gel.


My husband had cavities under his crowns and was prescribed [CariFree products]. Since then he has been using this product he has had no cavities. Also, the level of bacteria decreased significantly!


Personally, I am convinced this product works and I am quite please with the results that we have seen in our patients. It is the best product in the market.

Dr Alfred Marquez Jr